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episode 1 : A little bit about me 

episode 2 : One of my favorite jokes 

episode 3 : Typhoon is here and I’m tipsy. 

episode 4 : Unconditional love

episode 5 : A heartwarming moment

episode 6 : Answering some questions

episode 7: A week away from teaching 

episode 8: The movie JOKER was phenomenal

episode 9: It’s been a while!

episode 10: Painful moments

episode 11: A couple of things that made me happy.

episode 12: Time to unwind.

episode 13: So I’m not a D.J. anymore.

episode 14: Have you been to Takachiho?

episode 15: A frog in my throat.

episode 16: It’s the New Year’s Eve!

episode 17: Why I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions.

episode 18: Planning a new year’s party.

episode 19: My way of learning English 

episode 20: Me just blabbing on my lunch break

episode 21: I love reading -in Japanese 

episode 22: Love for spicy food

episode 23: Happy Birthday to me! 

episode 24: Answering some questions 

episode 25: Cooking can be fun sometimes 

episode 26: A new adventure

episode 27: I just can’t say No.

episode 28: Hoping to put a smile on your face

episode 29: Ways to stay positive 

episode 30: Some great memories of Couchsurfing

episode 31: The path to become an interpreter 

episode 32: The path to become an interpreter Part 2

episode: 33: Dreams

episode 33: Dreams (英語スクリプト付き)

episode 34: The movie Parasite was outstanding ! 

【episode 34: The movie Parasite was outstanding ! (英語スクリプト付き)】

episode 35 Visiting a shrine in Takachiho with eggs. 

episode 36 Transparent toilets are the place to go! 

episode 37 Not a happy camper.


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