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episode 1 : A little bit about me 

episode 2 : One of my favorite jokes 

episode 3 : Typhoon is here and I’m tipsy. 

episode 4 : Unconditional love

episode 5 : A heartwarming moment

episode 6 : Answering some questions

episode 7: A week away from teaching 

episode 8: The movie JOKER was phenomenal

episode 9: It’s been a while!

episode 10: Painful moments

episode 11: A couple of things that made me happy.

episode 12: Time to unwind.

episode 13: So I’m not a D.J. anymore.

episode 14: Have you been to Takachiho?

episode 15: A frog in my throat.

episode 16: It’s the New Year’s Eve!

episode 17: Why I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions.

episode 18: Planning a new year’s party.

episode 19: My way of learning English 

episode 20: Me just blabbing on my lunch break

episode 21: I love reading -in Japanese 

episode 22: Love for spicy food

episode 23: Happy Birthday to me! 

episode 24: Answering some questions 

episode 25: Cooking can be fun sometimes 

episode 26: A new adventure

episode 27: I just can’t say No.

episode 28: Hoping to put a smile on your face

episode 29: Ways to stay positive 

episode 30: Some great memories of Couchsurfing

episode 31: The path to become an interpreter 

episode 32: The path to become an interpreter Part 2

episode: 33: Dreams

episode 33: Dreams (英語スクリプト付き)

episode 34: The movie Parasite was outstanding ! 

【episode 34: The movie Parasite was outstanding ! (英語スクリプト付き)】

episode 35 Visiting a shrine in Takachiho with eggs. 

episode 36 Transparent toilets are the place to go! 

episode 37 Not a happy camper.

episode 38 What would you do?

episode 39 ROTFL in class 

episode 40 Talking with my student Yuka

episode 41 Christmas episode with Evan

episode 42 Looking back at 2020

episode 43 Talking with my student Reiko

episode 44:  Talking with Chris #1

episode 45: Talking with Chris #2

episode 46: 1st episode of 2021

episode 47:  Laughter is the best medicine?

episode 48:  A little warmth – hoping to put a smile on your face.

episode 49: Talking with Sayuri 生徒さんと対談

episode 50: Talking with Tamayo 生徒さんと対談

episode 51 My journey to where I am right now.

【episode 51 YouTube文字起こしはこちら】

episode 52 The importance of being happy

【episode 52 YouTube文字起こしはこちら

episode 53 10 This or That Questions 

episode 53 YouTube文字起こしはこちら


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