Let’s make Chicken Nanban! Eng. Ver.


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Chicken Nanban is a variation of fried chicken which was originated in Nobeoka, Miyazaki.

The first owners of “Nao chan” and “Ogura” trained at the same restaurant called “London” previously located in Nobeoka city.

The story of how Chicken Nanban was born, starts when they were both inspired by meals prepared for employees at “London.”

After that, it became a prefectural gourmet dish and various different styles of Chicken Nanban appeared in different regions.

It has gained so much popularilty that it can be eaten almost everywhere across Japan.

At “Ogura” serves Chicken Nanban with tartar sauce, and “Nao chan” serves without it.

They are equally very good.

I have taken a lot of friends from other countries to eat this juicy Chicken Nanban and every single one of them became a fan.

One of my friends who used to live here even made a song about Chicken Nanban. 🙂

Want to try but you live too far?

Or you used to live in Miyazaki and miss Chicken Nanban?

Well, I’ve got the great recipe for you!

Through trials and errors ( in other words, with a bit of googling), I have come up with a way to make the chicken breast ever so tenderly.

Please give it a try!


《Ingredients》(Serves 4)

● Chicken breasts   (600g)

・Sake  1tbsp

・Sugar 1tsp

・Salt  1/4tsp

・Mayonnaise   1tbsp

・Potato Starch  6 tbsp

・3 eggs

・some flour and oil

Sweet Vinegar Sauce

・Regular Soy Sauce  100ml

・Light Soy Sauce  100ml

・Mirin   50ml

・Sugat 200g

・Vinegar  200ml

・A pinch of salt

・1 dried hot chile pepper

Tartar Sauce

・Mayonnaise   200g

・Sugar  20g

・Ketchup   15g

・1 Boiled Egg

・Half a cucumber (minced)

・1/4 Onion (minced)


【1】Peel the skin off the Chicken breast and slice it into appropriate sizes.  Put the chicken in a plastic bag, add sake, sugar, salt, and mayonnaise in it and rub it a little and let it sit for a while.

【2】In the mean time, let’s make a boiled egg.
(wrap an egg in a foil, put it in a mug and pour water just enough to cover.  Microwave it for 12 minutes!)


【3】When the boiled egg has cooled off, mince it and mix it with the minced cucumber and onion along with mayonnaise, sugar, and ketchup.  Leave it in the fridge.

【4】 Put all the ingredients for the sweet sauce, let it come to a quick boil and turn off the gas.

【5】 Add potato starch to 【2】
Lightly coat with flour, then dip the chicken into beaten eggs.  Coat the pieces with eggs evenly.  Heat the oil to 170C (340F) and gently place the chicken in it.   Let the chicken sit till its outside firms up and flip the pieces over.  ( Be careful not to overcook the chicken.)  I usually deep fry the chicken for about 5-7mins.


【6】Once the chicken is fried, drain the oil throughly and dip it in the sweet vinegar sauce.
(If you soak the chicken in this sauce too long, the fried batter will come off.  Only soak in it for about 30 seconds.)

【7】Drain the sauce, place it on a plate with some vegetables.  Spoon the delicious amount of tartar sauce on top of the chicken.


You’ll be surprised at how the chicken breast can be so tender and juicy.


  • The deep-fried batter absorbs the nanban sauce, making the dish more delicious.
  • You can pour the remaining nanban sauce over the side vegetables.